Otium – for all the lovers of ease and beauty - Ljetnikovac Natali
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Ljetnikovac Natali
Ljetnikovac Natali

Otium – for all the lovers of ease and beauty

Treat yourself to a true luxury experience, an evening filled with flavours and views which delight the senses.

Experience the iconic sunset over the rooftops of Dubrovnik and indulge in a tailor-made gourmet evening in a Renaissance garden of the 16th century summer villa designed for Otium – time and space dedicated to leisure, ease and beauty of life.
Summer villas of Dubrovnik, especially Palace Natali, are its perfect stage.


Allow our Chef to create your personal experience:

1. Food preference: a) Meat    b) Fish    c) Vegetarian    d) Vegan

2. Music preference:

3. Allergies, if any:


Let’s start this journey filled with curiosity and discovery

Price: 240,00 EUR per person
Maximum 4 persons

Ljetnikovac Natali

For additional information and reservation feel free to ask your host at the Palace Natali, or please send an inquiry at host@palacenatali.com. It will be an experience to remember.

Ljetnikovac Natali