Otium – for all the lovers of ease and beauty - Ljetnikovac Natali
Ljetnikovac Natali
Ljetnikovac Natali

Otium – for all the lovers of ease and beauty

Treat yourself to a true luxury experience, an evening filled with flavours and views which delight the senses.

Experience the iconic sunset over the rooftops of Dubrovnik and indulge in a tailor-made gourmet evening in a Renaissance garden of the 16th century summer villa designed for Otium – time and space dedicated to leisure, ease and beauty of life.
Summer villas of Dubrovnik, especially Palace Natali, are its perfect stage.

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Allow our Chef to create your personal experience:

  • Choose food preference: Meat | Fish | Vegetarian | Vegan
  • Choose music preference
  • List your food allergies, if any

Price: 240,00 EUR per person
Maximum 4 people

Let’s start this journey filled with curiosity and discovery.

Ljetnikovac Natali

For additional information and reservation feel free to ask your host at the Palace Natali, or please send an inquiry at host@palacenatali.com. It will be an experience to remember.

Ljetnikovac Natali