Our Story - Palace Natali
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Ljetnikovac Natali
Ljetnikovac Natali

Our Story

Each story is special in its own way. Ours is unique and authentic.
Experience your untold story in Palace Natali.

Come to Palace Natali, find your otium, time dedicated only to you, for you.

Nestled below the slopes of Mount Srđ, just a few minutes drive from the Dubrovnik Old Town, Palace Natali combines the best of its location – unsurpassed peace and stunning view in the middle of the city.

Our story begins with the reputable Dubrovnik noble Natali family at the end of the 16th century when it is believed Palace Natali was built.

Ljetnikovac Natali

Each stone fragment of this old Dubrovnik gem is part of a story that continues to live through us and in us. We are proud that our threads are intertwined with the rich history of the Natali family, that we can convey to you at least a little of the spirit of life of the famous Republic of Dubrovnik.

Palace Natali has been renovated over the years, slowly and studiously, just as it deserves. Completely renovated according to strict conservation criteria, it combines historical value and rich heritage with modern luxury decoration.

Enchanting renaissance gardens are the perfect scenery for relaxing and retreating to your own peace.

Ljetnikovac Natali

A look into the past

„Historia (est) magistra vitae“ (History is the teacher of life), Cicero

The Natali family is part of Dubrovnik’s rich history. At the beginning of the 16th century, Mato Natali came to the city from the island of Lopud and began his Dubrovnik story. Little by little, he built his future in shipping.

Like some other families, the wealthy Natali family was accepted into the aristocratic circle after the fatal earthquake in 1667, which destroyed Dubrovnik and many of its population. And then their ascent begins. The history of the Natali family is written in the individual destinies of its members, from sailors to soldiers to painters and mothers. Each family member strengthened the name of the famous family with their life.

However, Ivo Natali (1755 – 1853), a great patriot and hero of the uprising against the French in 1813, who lived in our summer house, deserves our special attention. After the fall of the Republic of Dubrovnik in 1808, Dubrovnik patriots dreamed of freedom and the re-establishment of the Republic. Ivo Natali, together with his brothers Karlo and Jero, was the fearless soul of the uprising that erupted in October 1813 with the support of the English.

Unfortunately for the insurgents, their intentions did not succeed. Austria occupied Dubrovnik in 1814. However, in 1815, the Dubrovnik nobles tried again to establish freedom and restore the Republic. On that occasion, Ivo Natali set out on a diplomatic adventure to distant Constantinople to work with the sultan and the English ambassador to establish freedom. Ivo Natali was the last Dubrovnik deputy in Turkey who failed to complete his task. Despite all the efforts, he arrived too late. With the conclusion of the Congress of Vienna, on 9 June 1815, the territory of the Republic of Dubrovnik was annexed to the Habsburg Monarchy. And that’s where Ivo’s story ends.

Sad and subdued, Ivo Natali retired to his summer house in Gornji Kono (Palace Natali), where he died in 1853 without family or offspring. With his heroism, loyalty and nobility, he left Dubrovnik’s history in debt and remained an indelible part of it.